Sundog Pet Boarding - Trenton, Georgia

Being away from home can be stressful on your pet and we understand it can be difficult to leave them while on vacation. That’s why we want to make them, and you, as comfortable as possible. During the day, when we are here, they get to run around and play with others. When bed time rolls around, they go into a comfortable large kennel with food, water, treats, toys and bedding to sleep well. We take them for walks outside to get fresh air and exercise and go to the potty (and it gives us exercise too). Feel free to bring anything that makes your pet feel at home, food, treats, favorite toys or blankets. We do provide stainless steel bowls so they can be sanitized.

Sundog Pet Boarding

Overnight Stay Small Suite
Per Pet, Owner Provides Food
Overnight Stay Large Suite
Per Pet, Owner Provides Food
Special Rates For Weekly Stays and 3 Or More Pets