Sundog Pet Daycare - Trenton, Georgia

We believe your pets should have fun while you are away. Puppy play time gives your pet the opportunity to play and socialize with other pets and people. We take them outside to potty and walk around and provide them with toys, balls, chew bones and fresh water.

There are a couple of rules for every ones safety and health…
  • All pets must be current on yearly vaccinations (Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza, Hepatitis and Bordetella) and we must have records on file. De­Worming and flea and tick prevention also required.
  • All pets must be spayed or neutered. We don’t want any surprises!
  • All pets must be social and non­aggressive to mingle with other pets. We want them to have fun not be stressed out or fight.
  • If your pet is sick or has diarrhea or has been sick please leave them at home. We want everyone to have a clean disease free environment in which to play.
Daycare is $7.00 a day and pets must be picked up by closing.
Give us a call for hours and any questions you may have.